The Modern Science of Thermal Management Design

The science of electrical thermal management grows more complex every time new technology is developed or old technology is improved upon. Typically, new technologies are more powerful than their predecessors, and therefore, need higher performing heat transfer methods. However, new applications are also generally smaller than those before them, which means their thermal management solutions also have to fit into tighter spaces. To effectively and efficiently meet the changing demands of innovative technology, heat exchangers are often the ideal thermal management solution. Designing more powerful thermal management solutions is easier and less time-consuming when the designs are based on proven, highly customizable technology, such as heat exchangers.

Solutions for Every Thermal Management Need

Heat exchangers first revolutionized the manufacturing industry as affordable and less cumbersome alternatives to air conditioners. Eliminating clunky, energy-guzzling equipment such as air conditioners and air compressors allowed companies to continuously cool control panels and vital machinery at significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs. Today, thermal management concepts behind heat exchangers can be applied to a wide variety of applications far beyond control panel cooling. Because of their versatility, heat exchangers can be the ideal solution for virtually every thermal management application.

Innovative Design and Prototyping

The science behind heat exchangers makes them a widely applicable thermal management solution, but the success of each product lies in the innovative design and prototyping stages of its development. Heat exchangers are manufactured as a team effort between technical, design, and thermal management experts, all working closely together in the same facility. This ensures that every specification for any given applications is carefully considered in the heat exchanger’s manufacture. Through rapid prototyping, any unforeseen circumstances, errors, or discrepancies in the design can be ironed out before production, ensuring the first-time success of each unit.

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