Common Hindrances to Efficient Thermal Management

Every new technology comes with its own set of hurdles and challenges, but thermal management is something that all forms of technology must account for. Every computer processor and mechanical piece of equipment relies on some sort of cooling solution to prevent disastrous overheating. Typically, the solution chosen has a significant effect on the technology’s efficiency, which is why industries rely increasingly more on heat exchangers to overcome common hindrances to efficient thermal management.

High Energy Consumption

Overall energy consumption has always been a large factor in a company’s overhead. As they’ve relied more heavily on technology, companies have grown accustomed to budgeting for often exorbitant rates of energy usage. As companies continue looking for ways to change that, they rely more on greener, more efficient technologies in nearly every facet of their operations. Thermal management, for instance, is traditionally one of the most impactful uses for energy, and by minimizing energy consumption through the use of greener thermal management solutions (such as advanced heat exchangers), companies can notably reduce the energy consumption sections of their overhead.

Ineffective Ingress Protection

Besides energy usage, traditional thermal management solutions like air conditioners can also lose efficiency due to ineffective protection against contaminants. If the cooling unit is properly sealed, or if it consistently generates moisture within the electrical enclosure, then sensitive electrical components can routinely become damaged or compromised. This makes the cooling unit less capable of operating properly and can lead to costly repairs of both air conditioning equipment and the machinery it cools. By contrast, heat exchangers can be attached to electrical enclosures with high-quality seals and gaskets that ensure a high level of ingress protection. They also utilize more efficient heat transfer methods that don’t produce moisture, thereby offering further protection against contaminants.

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