Making Heat Exchangers Right the First Time

At Noren Thermal, our dedication to providing high-performance thermal management solutions goes beyond the high quality of products we provide. We’ve also invested significantly in providing accelerated and more precise design and manufacturing processes. In addition to wide-ranging expertise in thermal management, design, and engineering, we utilize advanced, in-house production technology, including 3D printing for rapid prototyping. Our goal is to make sure our clients receive the advanced solutions they need without losing time on hiccups during the design or production process.

Accelerated Design and Manufacturing Times

For decades, Noren has led the way in making heat exchangers a dominant part of the electrical and industrial thermal management markets. That success was made possible by bringing the knowledge of experts in every relevant field into close collaboration with every client. The result has been a wide range of heat exchangers and thermal management solutions, including those certified for use in hazardous locations and made specifically for more eco-friendly processes.

Noren has also excelled at providing solutions that meet the unique needs of several different industries. The ability to centralize the design and manufacturing processes, and to produce rapid prototypes that allow for real-world analysis, means clients with unique applications can receive custom-designed solutions faster and without error. Being able to implement advanced heat exchangers into their facilities as soon as possible means clients can begin saving money and improving the productivity of their technology faster.

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