Why Automated Thermal Management Matters

With a boom in artificial intelligence and automated technology, the landscape has changed for many of today’s industries. Companies are integrating automation into every process from assembly line production and manufacturing to better diagnostic treatment in modern medical facilities. Like most advanced technology over the last few decades, automated machinery and equipment requires optimal thermal management solutions that facilitate the technology’s independence. In many cases, that means utilizing heat exchangers for a variety of thermal management needs to keep energy and maintenance needs down.

Automation and Medical Devices

Healthcare facilities today are increasingly more stressed and stretched in different directions. This is largely offset by the increasing adoption of advanced, automated medical devices, such as digital diagnostic equipment, that helps doctors spend more time with patients. The continued function of these medical devices plays an important role in the overall health of a group’s patients, as well as the ability of hospital personnel to attend to patients’ needs. Many of these devices utilize heat exchanger technology to transfer electrical waste heat efficiently and reliably to reduce equipment malfunction.

Automation and Manufacturing

Automation has perhaps been felt most strongly in the world of manufacturing, particularly assembly lines. Everything from automobile manufacturers to large industrial suppliers and more have implemented automated assembly operations, reducing the manpower and costs previously needed for such operations. In addition to more efficiently cooling automated equipment, heat exchangers also provide more efficient solutions for cooling the electrical panels that control them.

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