Heat Exchangers’ Effect on Cleaner Thermal Management

Everything from large manufacturing equipment and electrical control panels to personal computers and handheld devices rely on effective thermal management solutions to operate properly. Until relatively recently, that need for thermal management meant that air conditioning technology was vital for a wide variety of applications. Now, however, the need for more efficient and cost-effective operations, combined with the push for cleaner technology solutions, has made heat exchangers an even more important development in thermal management. With the ability to transfer electrical waste heat through natural means, such as convection, conduction, and phase-change cooling, heat exchangers help companies reduce their overall energy consumption and increase their reliance on other clean technology solutions.

Why Better Thermal Management Matters

Even the most advanced technology has yet to reach 100% energy efficiency. This means that even the smallest electronic devices require effective thermal management to prevent the waste heat they produce from damaging sensitive circuits and components. Air conditioning was the first electrical thermal management solution, but as technology has continued to advance, they quickly became unsuitable, unsustainable, and unable to keep up.

Air Conditioning vs. Heat Transfer

This is mainly because air conditioning involves complex machinery and a steady supply of Freon to pump chilled air through an electrical enclosure. They also require excessive amounts of energy, and finding adequate power sources is more difficult for smaller and more powerful technology.  By contrast, heat exchangers don’t need to chill the inside of an enclosure. Instead, they are designed to continuously transfer electrical waste heat as it is produced. The cooling fluid, usually water, is often cycled through a closed-loop system and does not need to be constantly replenished as Freon does.

Making Thermal Management Cleaner and More Efficient

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