Green Energy Cooling for Electrical Control Panels

From Noren’s beginning in 1968, our goals of providing innovative thermal management solutions have always included pioneering cleaner, more eco-friendly concepts and products. Since then, every industry has increased its focus on finding and implementing green energy solutions for every aspect of their operations. When it comes to cooling control panels and other electrical components, those solutions are often in the form of heat exchangers that replace more traditional, more cumbersome, and more costly air conditioning systems. Heat exchangers utilize green energy concepts, such as phase-change cooling and natural/forced convection, to significantly lower their environmental footprint.

Minimizing Your Environmental Footprint

For much of technology’s past advancement, air conditioning and air compressing units were accepted as necessary. The costs and consequences of massive air conditioning equipment were therefore considered necessary expenditures. As heat exchangers became more adept at handling a variety of thermal management needs, more industries have realized that exorbitant energy costs and large environmental footprints are no longer necessary to keep technology cool.

The beauty of modern heat exchangers is that they do not need to actively chill the air inside of electrical enclosures to keep them cool. By contrast, heat exchangers transfer the electrical waste heat that circuits produce to avoid hot spots from forming. This method offers consistent cabinet cooling to prevent electrical components from overheating, but doesn’t rely on heavy machinery to do so. With the right heat exchanger, even industries that operate in extremely hot and/or hazardous locations can benefit from eco-friendly thermal management solutions.

Learn More About Green Energy Thermal Management

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