What Is Phase-Change Cooling Technology?

All matter possesses internal energy at a molecular level. When matter changes phases, the enormous amount of energy that its molecules produce is manifested as heat. For example, heat of fusion occurs when a solid changes to a liquid (absorbing energy), and vice versa (releasing energy). Heat of vaporization occurs when a liquid changes to a gas (absorbing energy), and vice versa (releasing energy). Phase-change cooling takes advantage of latent heat vaporization to transfer and dissipate the thermal energy that electrical systems produce. As technology improves and components continue to shrink, phase-change cooling is becoming increasingly more important to keep advanced systems from overheating while minimizing the space needed for effective thermal management.

Common Applications for Phase-Change Cooling

In a phase-change cooling system, liquid is vaporized into gas, absorbing the thermal energy around it, and then transferred away from the electrical system’s operating parts. As the gas is converted into a liquid, the thermal energy is released away from the electrical components, and the cycle continues as the liquid is pumped back. Phase-change cooling has long been a vital (though historically expensive) component to computers and hand-held electronics. But the technology is becoming more affordable as it becomes more advanced, and is currently being used to keep products temperature-controlled throughout the journey from production to end-user. It’s also being used as a greener alternative to keep buildings cool and warm with significantly lower energy output.

At Noren, phase-change cooling is just one of the many customizable thermal management solutions that we provide clients in a variety of industries, from food and beverage production to aerospace and automation technologies, and much more. Our selection of energy-efficient products and services can help you create an all-encompassing, energy- and cost-saving solution to all of your thermal management needs, on virtually any scale.

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