Heat Sinks

Removing waste heat from sensitive electronics.

Heat Sinks

Noren Thermal Solutions Copper Finned heat sink offers the ultimate in forced air cooling. Power densities per square inch are forever increasing while space allotted for heat sinks is forever decreasing. With a thermal transfer rate almost double that of extruded aluminum heat sinks, copper finned heat sinks are an excellent choice. Copper spreads heat quickly throughout the heat sink base, into the copper fins, out into the surrounding air.

Noren Thermal Solutions offers customers total freedom in the design and manufacturing of our Bonded (soldered or epoxy)Fin Heat sinks. Each bonded heat sink is built to the specific needs of our customer. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all theory, in power electronics very few applications are ever the same. We will provide the solution you need; not what some catalog may have to offer!

Bonded heat sinks can dissipate two – three times more heat than your average extruded heat sink by adding 200% to 300% to the cooling surface area. Two fin styles are available – folded fin and single fin. Fin height, fin thickness and fin density can be used in countless combinations to get the performance you the customer deserves.

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    Noren thermal solutions are designed to cool overheating electronics in a variety of industries and applications. Check out our PRODUCTS section for more information.

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