Oil & Gas (Hazloc)

Protect against overheating in harsh conditions.

Oil & Gas (Hazloc)

Noren currently manufactures the only heat exchanger that is UL certified for ATEX and IECEx. This makes the Hazloc line of Noren heat exchangers the ideal thermal solution for overheating electrical enclosures on oil rigs and refineries.

Heat exchangers are a superior thermal solution to air conditioners and compressed air coolers for many reasons including, but not limited to; a lower operational cost (due to a very low power consumption), little to no maintenance (due to very few moving parts), not allowing outside air to enter the enclosure (which prevents contaminants and moisture from entering the enclosure), and having a small footprint (each unit is self contained and bolts directly to the enclosure, requiring no additional equipment).

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    Noren thermal solutions are designed to cool overheating electronics in a variety of industries and applications. Check out our PRODUCTS section for more information.

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