Electrical Cooling for a Greener Tomorrow

Despite the uncertainty caused by the United States withdrawing from the Paris climate change accord, business leaders throughout the country and the world continue to push for ways to clean up the global economy. At Noren, that goal has been a driving concept behind our thermal management products and components for over 40 years. As the world grows increasingly more reliant on green technology and energy production, eco-friendly cooling solutions are becoming equally more important. (more…)

Custom Solutions Help You Avoid Thermal Management Problems

Too often, projects that have taken years to plan are hindered by equipment that doesn’t perform as well as intended. Maintenance and malfunction issues can occur for countless reasons, but when those complications arise from overheating electrical equipment, they typically could have been avoided if proper thermal management had been a part of the design process. At Noren Thermal, comprehensive design and analysis is a cornerstone of the high-performance thermal management solutions we create. Every product and its components are designed to minimize energy costs while maximizing performance, and each solution can be customized to meet the requirements of a given application. (more…)

The Difference Between Ambient and Below-Ambient Heat Exchangers

When industries began relying on heat exchangers for their electrical thermal management needs, they quickly benefited from the cleaner and more efficient cooling technology. Yet, there are still instances when the surrounding air is too hot for ambient heat exchangers to work, and previously, that meant companies still had to rely on more expensive air conditioning equipment. With Noren’s below-ambient heat exchangers, companies that operate in hot climates can still take advantage of the green energy benefits that come with heat exchanger technology. (more…)

Using Heat Exchangers in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Being certified to operate in hazardous locations often makes Noren’s heat exchangers the optimal solution for vital industries, such as wastewater treatment. When wastewater is treated, certain gases are released in the air that could potentially contaminate exposed electrical components and cooling units. Because heat exchangers offer a high degree of ingress protection, they can simultaneously keep wastewater treatment systems cool while preventing contamination from reaching sensitive circuits. (more…)

Ruggedized Thermal Management Solutions for Tough Applications

Technology evolves at a sometimes neck-breaking pace, and in many industries, keeping up with the evolution is vital to maintaining an advantage over the competition. However, if organizations had to reinstall brand new equipment across the board every time an upgrade rolled out, any advantage gained would be lost to exorbitant costs and excessive downtime for their systems. At Noren, retrofitting and ruggedizing existing equipment with innovative heat exchanger technology is one of our many specialties. For instance, many of our projects have involved ruggedizing our advanced heat exchanger technology to fit a variety of military applications, where advanced systems need to be protected under the harshest conditions.    (more…)

Feasibility Studies Save Companies Money on Thermal Management

At Noren Thermal, our goal isn’t just to provide high-quality products for nearly every application, but also to help clients save time and money at every step of the process. Noren’s experts specialize in the design and manufacture of thermal management solutions, and our advanced facilities allow us to keep the entire process in-house. As part of our dedication to our clients, one of the most important services we offer is studying the feasibility of a custom design before it is finalized and manufactured. We’ll create a solution that best fits your needs, and then test its effectiveness before you invest in building it. (more…)

A More Efficient Way to Cool High-Performance Computers

A More Efficient Way to Cool High-Performance ComputersSome electronics work well in high temperatures, but even the most durable equipment generates more heat than it can handle by itself. As computers get smaller and microprocessors get more powerful, they require more effective thermal management solutions that can fit into tighter spaces. Noren’s custom-designed solutions, including advanced heat pipes, can provide a more natural way to cool high capacity computer equipment without taking up much space or energy. (more…)

Choosing the Right Panel Cooling Option

Technology has come a long way over the last several decades, and has become an integral part of most industries. As the technology has become more powerful, maintaining complex systems has become a vital part of an organization’s ability to continue functioning. One of the most significant needs is a comprehensive cooling solution to keep electrical equipment operating without overheating. Choosing the right electrical panel cooling solution means choosing the option that doesn’t demand exorbitant amounts of energy, and that can last for several years without needing to be fixed or replaced. (more…)

What If It’s Too Hot for an Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger?

In most climates, air-to-air ambient heat exchangers are a highly efficient solution for managing electric waste heat. However, they rely on the ambient temperature being below the maximum operating temperature of the equipment inside the electrical enclosure. When the ambient temperature outside is too hot for an air-to-air heat exchanger to work, an air-to-water  heat exchanger can still help you avoid having to rely on a more costly air conditioning system. While air-to-air coolers transfer heat to keep the air just above ambient, air-to-water units are able to keep the air inside the electrical cabinet below ambient temperatures in particularly hot climates. (more…)

How Do Heat Exchangers Save Money?

Since computers and electrical equipment revolutionized manufacturing and other industries, the additional costs of keeping that electrical equipment running have been a necessary part of a company’s overhead. Those costs come largely from keeping large, energy-draining air conditioners constantly going to eliminate electrical waste heat, preventing the heat from damaging the electronic circuits. With Noren’s custom heat exchangers, industries are beginning to realize that such exorbitant overhead costs are no longer necessary. Heat exchangers not only provide more versatile thermal management solutions; they also help save money in several different ways. (more…)