How to Save on Cooling in Hazardous Locations

Over the last several decades, a variety of industries have taken advantage of heat exchanger technology to cut down on the energy and maintenance costs of running electrical equipment. Today, even facilities and equipment that operate in hazardous conditions can enjoy the same benefits thanks to Noren’s Hazloc heat exchangers, which are certified per UL/cUL as well as ATEX and IECEx standards. As the first manufacturer to gain this certification for its advanced line of thermal management products, Noren continues to proudly help clients save on thermal management in hazardous locations. (more…)

Cooling Down Control Panels with Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Without the need to chill electrical enclosures using air conditioning equipment, companies can save a significant amount of money on energy and maintenance costs. Yet, those benefits only matter if the replacement solution provides more efficient and reliable thermal management. Air-to-air heat exchangers, for instance, have helped Noren’s clients enjoy substantial savings in both energy and maintenance costs as well as improved productivity thanks to more reliable electrical cooling. The secret to why they’re so effective lies in how air-to-air heat exchangers work—namely, their ability to transfer heat to cool down electrical enclosures without having to chill the air inside of them. (more…)

Why It Matters How You Cool Electrical Control Panels

One of the most well-known uses for modern heat exchangers is cooling electrical control panels in lieu of larger, more complicated air conditioning equipment. Like an automobile engine, electrical equipment gives off heat as it operates, and controlling that heat is vital to the equipment’s continued operation. With the ability to transfer heat, and even reutilize it for other purposes, when necessary, modern heat exchangers provide a myriad of benefits for companies that choose to employ them for their industrial thermal management needs. (more…)

Is a Heat Exchanger Better when It’s Custom-Designed?

These days, thermal management solutions come in almost as many different forms, shapes, and sizes as the technology that relies on them. As industries continue to branch out and find new ways to implement advanced technology, they rely more heavily on innovative thermal management solutions to properly control electrical waste heat. To that end, some applications work best with heat exchangers that are custom-designed specifically for the application. In many cases, however, a unit that is already designed and certified may provide an equal level of efficiency and reliability. (more…)

The Role of Technology in Reducing Medical Costs

Today’s medical facilities are stocked with devices and technology that most of us can’t even name. For hospitals, providers, and medical device companies, most of that technology is designed with as much focus on improving patient care as it is on controlling the skyrocketing costs of health care. From high-performance diagnostic devices to large, complex equipment, technology plays a significant role in reducing health care costs. Therefore, its performance can have profound implications, which is why more medical devices are being designed and implemented with Noren’s advanced thermal management technology. (more…)

Thermal Management – A Better Way to Go Green

These days, going green isn’t just about being environmentally responsible. It’s also about developing and implementing more affordable and sustainable solutions, especially for industries that rely on continuous operations. While there are many areas for companies to implement greener technology, thermal management is one of the most significant. With Noren’s advanced heat exchangers and other solutions, thermal management on all scales can become a focal point of any company’s green energy efforts. (more…)

How to Design the Best Thermal Management Solutions

At Noren Thermal, we’ve built a strong reputation for designing and improving thermal management solutions for virtually any application. Our highly skilled teams of technical and engineering experts work closely in tandem, and mostly in-house, to ensure that nothing is lost between a heat exchanger’s design and its performance in the field. In some cases, that means creating custom thermal management solutions during a given application’s design process. In others, though, it may mean thoroughly analyzing the proposed thermal management of an existing design, and then improving it to ensure it offers the most comprehensive results. (more…)

Ecofriendly Food Packaging with the Help of Heat Exchangers

When it comes to our food, we tend to be more discerning about the products we buy than we are with other goods and services. Recent studies show that consumers pay increasingly more attention to how food is made and packaged. The majority of them prefer companies that offer eco-friendly products and packaging over those that do not. At Noren Thermal, efficiency and eco-friendliness have always been a driving factor behind the innovative thermal management solutions we provide. For our clients in the food packaging industry, our heat exchangers have helped streamline their efforts by providing custom, green energy thermal management solutions. (more…)

Safeguarding Heat Exchangers from Powder & Bulk

Contamination comes in many forms, depending on the industry. In the field of food and beverage manufacturing, for instance, powder and bulk solid foods like sugar, salt, and grains can pose a threat to sensitive thermal management equipment if it’s allowed to get through the equipment’s seals and gaskets. In other manufacturing fields, the biggest threats could be dirt, sawdust, or other hazardous materials constantly floating through the air. In all cases, however, heat exchangers are often ideal for protecting vital equipment from potentially dangerous powder and bulk contamination. (more…)

Making Molding More Efficient with Thermal Pins

The ability to effectively handle heat is an important aspect of all manufacturing operations. In most cases, it involves transferring waste heat to avoid damage to electrical equipment. In the molding industry, however, controlling and then rapidly dissipating heat is vital to the manufacturing process itself. With custom, high-performance thermal pins, Noren Thermal has helped clients throughout the molding industry increase the yields and improve the quality of their molds, all while reducing energy and maintenance costs.  Thermal pins are specialized heat exchangers that are custom-designed specifically for the high-performance needs of the molding industry. (more…)