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Preventing Heat Buildup In Power

Agricultural field. Yellow wheat and power lines

The function of various industries affords our society a host of opportunities, job prospects, and ways to improve our overall quality of life. Indeed, specializations in particular fields helps us gain a better understanding of the science, math, and more behind mining the earth for resources, producing a variety of products, and improving day to… Read more »

Thermal Solutions For Geographical Power

High voltage post or High voltage tower

Helping you get the most from your industrial applications has been a top priority for the Noren team for over 50 years, and our team works diligently to continue innovating so that we can accomplish this feat. Indeed, our unique emphasis on custom products coupled with eco-friendly, sustainable practices and methods to do so helps… Read more »

Using Heat Exchangers to Optimize Power Usage

Given the nature of most of today’s advanced technology, optimizing power usage has become more than just a luxury – it’s a necessity. For many applications, electrical thermal management is often one of the most significant areas where power consumption is highest. Therefore, the advent of heat exchangers to streamline thermal management has provided profound… Read more »

How Power Plants Benefit from Advanced Heat Exchangers

Most industries these days have largely benefited from advanced heat exchanger technology for their electrical thermal management needs. Among those benefits, the reduced need for energy and improved overall safety are two of the most important. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the field of power production is no exception. Plants across the world are increasingly… Read more »

Heat Exchangers’ Role in Powering the World

In a world that runs on power, its production and delivery are essential to every aspect of life. Therefore, as heat exchangers continuously change the thermal management field, it’s natural for power companies to take notice and harness the same advantages. Today, heat exchanger technology is used in a variety of applications throughout the power… Read more »

Improving Power Plant Productivity with Heat Exchangers

In virtually every industry, power consumption is a necessity for any company’s continued operations. Therefore, technology that offers minimal energy consumption is typically preferable, especially for applications that typically draw on large amounts of it. The process of producing and distributing power, for instance, is one that not only requires energy-efficient technology, but also thermal… Read more »

More Efficient Cooling for Power Plants

Some industries may never interact with certain others, but power production is an industry that all others rely on. While power plants across the nation employ a variety of methods to produce and deliver power, they all rely on efficient thermal management solutions to ensure their continued operation. In many locations, those solutions come in… Read more »

Why Are More Power Plants Using Heat Exchangers?

Industries of all types have benefited from choosing Noren’s heat exchangers as their preferred thermal management solutions, and the field of power generation is no exception. In applications that range from keeping generators and control cabinets cool to controlling the temperatures of fluids during vital processes, heat exchangers help power plants more efficiently meet their… Read more »