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Securely Sealed Thermal Solutions

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Keeping your industrial-grade applications up and running even in the toughest conditions is a capability you will want to explore, especially if you work in a highly competitive industry. Indeed, custom heat exchangers and thermal accessories can enhance your functional capabilities, and it is best to start early. Although you may have your thermal management… Read more »

Using Heat Exchangers for Powder and Bulk Solid Foods

In the food and beverage industry, heat exchangers serve a variety of purposes, and their efficiency relies largely on their ability to keep electrical components safe from contaminants. When dealing with powder and bulk solid foods, this safety net has several implications, from maintaining the integrity of electrical and heat exchanger equipment to ensuring the… Read more »

Safeguarding Heat Exchangers from Powder & Bulk

Contamination comes in many forms, depending on the industry. In the field of food and beverage manufacturing, for instance, powder and bulk solid foods like sugar, salt, and grains can pose a threat to sensitive thermal management equipment if it’s allowed to get through the equipment’s seals and gaskets. In other manufacturing fields, the biggest… Read more »

Heat Exchangers Made Specifically for Powder & Bulk

In a variety of industries, from food manufacturing to pharmaceutical packaging and more, dealing with powder and bulk are a necessary part of operations. As such, sensitive electrical equipment and cooling technology must be properly protected from such miniscule, potentially harmful particles. If powder and bulk are allowed to enter an electrical cabinet, then the… Read more »