Category: Heat Exchangers

The Value of Centralized Design and Manufacturing

Even a top-notch product can see a decline in value when it doesn’t perform as well as intended. In the production of thermal management solutions, that can prove disastrous for clients who rely on those products to keep their operations running smoothly. Such disconnect between the expectation and reality of a product often occurs because… Read more »

Complex Thermal Management Demands for Advanced Technology

As new technology changes the world, it also comes with a high demand for innovative thermal management solutions. For any technology to work, it must have a cost- and energy-efficient means of dissipating the waste heat that its electrical components generate. While air conditioners and compressed air systems used to be the gold standard for… Read more »

Heat Exchangers Solve the Air Conditioning Conundrum

When it comes to controlling the waste heat of electronic equipment, the generally accepted rule of thumb is that colder is always better. That mindset stems from an era when air conditioning and compressed air were the pinnacles of heat dissipation technology. Today, however, the high cost and energy expenditures needed to keep air conditioning… Read more »

Thermal Management Makes the World Go ‘Round

Thermal management solutions (like heat exchangers) aren’t typically household terms, but they power the products and services that make our world what it is today. From refrigerators, computers, and cellphones to oil & gas, automation, and more, effective thermal solutions ensure that the technology we rely on continue to work safely and efficiently. At Noren… Read more »