Circulating Internal Air With Eco-Cool

NorenIt is one thing to keep your applications up and running with the help of a compressed air cooler or air conditioner, but it is something entirely different to utilize a heat exchanger for optimal results. Indeed, your technological applications play an integral part in your operation, and failing to consider their functional needs will only result in larger costs down the line and a decrease in effectiveness. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX emphasizes the importance of circulating air within an electrical panel or enclosure and discusses how our Eco-Cool system can help.

A High-Efficiency Heat Sink Profile

Whether you are aware of it or not, the biggest threat to your industrial application’s function is overheating. This process occurs when waste heat becomes trapped within an electrical panel or enclosure and continues to rise in temperature. Once it surpasses a specific degree, your devices will begin to function sub-optimally at best. Moreover, the higher these temperatures become, the more likely you will be to experience other phenomena such as temporary or permanent shutdown and even electrical fires.

In order to minimize your operation’s chances of experiencing the effects of overheating, it is highly recommended you look into custom thermal solutions. Indeed, there are what seem like countless options out there that tout the ability to meet your needs, but none are better suited than the ones that can actually consider your unique needs and parameters.

One such cooling option may consist of the Noren Eco-Cool Heat Exchanger. This device utilizes heat sink technology to provide high-efficiency thermal cooling. To learn more about the features of this device and how you can get started, give our team a call today.

Another Ambient Solution

While many heat exchangers cannot offer both quality and the ability to address the needs of various different types of applications, our Eco-Cool Heat Exchanger can be designed with your needs in mind to provide nothing short of ideal results.

The solution works by circulating hot air within an enclosure through internal fan fins. The resulting increase in temperature causes this heat to move to the external fins, and the external fans then circulate the cooler ambient air around the fins in order to dissipate the heat. Contact a representative from our team to learn more today.

Built to NEMA Specifications

In addition to offering highly-efficient and cost-effective solutions to overheating applications, the Noren Eco-Cool Heat Exchanger can be designed to address the needs of various NEMA enclosures. For example, both drop-in and flush-mount models can be made to 12, 4, and 4X specifications.

Learn More Today

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