Streamlining HazLoc Enclosure Cooling

Große Zentralheizung/Ölheizung in einer großen Halle, mit zweSeeking thermal solutions for your industry may be more difficult than you expect, as not every heat exchanger functions in a manner that can optimize your operation. Indeed, what may work well for one industry may be subpar or even detrimental for another. As such, it is important to consider the role of your unique parameters when pursuing a thermal management upgrade. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses the influence of hazardous locations in application cooling, and how our line of HazLoc heat exchangers can help.

What is a Hazardous Location?

It goes without saying that virtually every factory, worksite, and everything else in-between can be hazardous if you are not careful. Indeed, taking precautions is necessary in order to keep your staff and yourself safe, and this is often one of the first steps that you consider when starting your business.

For purposes of our products, our team defines a hazardous location as one that involves harsh conditions. For example, Oil & Gas work, as well as Aerospace, is considered hazardous, as conditions can vary significantly. As such, it is important to consider how these variations can influence the effectiveness of your industrial applications.

Nothing is more troubling than having your applications compromised by unfavorable conditions, especially when preemptive measures can be taken to prevent these concerns from arising. Fortunately, this is where our custom thermal solutions come in to help. They consider the parameters that surround your operation, factoring in possible issues so as to ensure consistency in function. For more information about this process, reach out to a representative from our team today.

Understanding Unique Needs

No one industry contains the same exact needs as another. While you may require methods to keep your production line up and running just as other companies do, that’s not to say that you have a larger or smaller space, different equipment, and different environmental factors.

Indeed, these factors and more are factored in when determining your ideal thermal management solution, and hazardous location enclosure cooling is no exception. Not only do we work closely with you to gain an understanding of your unique needs, but we work tirelessly to ensure your solution is ideal every step of the way. Give our team a call to learn more today.

Reliability and Consistency

By now, you are likely aware of the need for reliability and consistency. When it comes to hazardous location enclosure cooling, this notion is even more true. We recognize the importance of continued function, especially in tough conditions, and we take care to ensure this is one less thing you have to worry about.

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