Providing Effective Oil & Gas Cooling

Oil and Gas Drilling Rig onshore dessert with dramatic cloudscape. Oil drilling rig operation on the oil platform in oil and gas industryThere is a difference between providing the bare minimum when it comes to your thermal management capabilities, and providing more than sufficient regulation that leads to optimal function. Indeed, technological applications will overheat, malfunction, and break down without considerations for their functional and environmental needs, and though this is inherently negative, it can result in far worse situations for certain industries. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses what it means to provide effective oil and gas enclosure cooling, and how custom solutions lead to more dependable function.

Understanding Oil and Gas Enclosure Cooling

Just like any other industry, the oil and gas field utilizes specific equipment and instruments to perform its intended purpose. Indeed, this includes using oil derricks, turbines, machine tools, and more to extract oil from the earth, purify it, and separate components into derivative forms. This is only a small look into the field, but as you can imagine, consistency is king through and beyond this process.

Indeed, oil is one of our most precious and highly utilized natural resources, and any sort of mishap could lead to significant complications. What’s more? We have seen firsthand what has happened when miscalculations occur, and as such, keeping equipment properly functioning is a must.

One of the biggest threats to oil and gas capabilities is insufficient thermal management capabilities. After all, a device can overheat from excessive function, causing it to shut down temporarily or break down permanently. Further, this can cost companies upwards of billions of dollars depending on the severity of the situation, which is why a dependable solution is needed. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call.

The Need for Consistency

Another important consideration to make is just how consistent and dependable your capabilities are. For instance, think back to the handful of major oil spills that have occurred due to a mishap of some sort, miscalculation, and faulty or broken equipment. These situations not only impacted the industry itself but the physical environment and the ecosystem. As such, it is important for applications to function in the most optimal manner possible, and that is exactly what oil and gas enclosure cooling is all about.

Cost and Power Efficient

Working in the field can be considered dangerous and hazardous, which is even more reason to rely on dependable equipment. With our custom heat exchangers, you can expect savings in terms of both cost and power needs. What’s more? Noren currently manufactures the only heat exchanger UL certified for ATEX and IECEx, making them ideal solutions for refineries.

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