Functions Of Ambient Cooling Units

Electrical Breaker Boxes at Solar Power PlantWhen it comes to getting the most out of your technological applications, sometimes all you need to boost your efforts is an effective accessory. Other times, however, your business could benefit significantly from an upgrade in thermal management capabilities. Indeed, there are many considerations to be made when it comes to helping you optimize your production and yield capabilities, and our team is more than ready to help. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses the methods behind ambient cooling units, and how our technology utilizes outside air to cool overheating electrical enclosures.

Utilizing Outside Air

It goes without saying that technological advancement has had a major hand in increased yield and production for a variety of businesses. Indeed, the majority of industries not only utilize effective equipment to get the job done but rely heavily on it to maintain a steady placement in an already competitive market. In other words, making sure applications are functioning as intended without falter is extremely imperative.

While industrial applications certainly make many people’s lives easier, bear in mind that they, too, require maintenance and care to continue functioning in an optimal manner. In fact, having a consistent means for thermal management and regulation is essential to the process, and this is where our team comes in to help.

Thermal management solutions range in type and complexity, and how effective one heat exchanger will be over another is highly dependent on your unique parameters, or factors surrounding your operation. For instance, ambient cooling units are ideal in environments where the outside ambient air is lower than the temperature of waste heat produced within an enclosure. Reach out to a representative from our team to learn more.

Different Models

We recognize that not all environments, facilities, and applications are the same, and as such, contain specific needs that must be met. As a result, our ambient cooling units are designed with these specifications in mind. Indeed, these heat exchangers are designed to cool overheating electrical enclosures and panels through the process of utilizing the outside ambient air temperature.

Our drop-in units attach to the top of electrical enclosures, and function by transferring waste heat through a heat pipe core and out into the open air. Flush-mount units, on the other hand, attach to the side or door of an enclosure and allows the heat exchanger to lower the internal temperature of the enclosure.

Simple Maintenance and Function

In addition to being able to meet your unique parameters, our designs are created in a manner that provides optimal function through simple maintenance and care.

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