Eco-Friendly Air To Water Solutions

Large industrial water treatment and boiler room. Shiny steel metal pipes and blue pupms and valves.For many companies, the primary focus when it comes to production is how to keep the line moving. Indeed, a variety of businesses and industries alike depend heavily on industrial applications to appropriately spread, move, and dissipate waste heat so that they can continue to function optimally and thus, keep the business ahead of competitors. Bear in mind, however, that a number of solutions may be able to accomplish this task but at the expense of the physical and working environment. In today’s blog, the team at  Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX explains why we place an equal emphasis on thermal management and sustainability, as well as how products such as our air to water heat exchanger benefit you.

Sustainability with Phase-Change Technology

Nowadays, high-functioning technological applications are imperative to a productive business. After all, advancements in technology have provided a new competitive edge to a variety of businesses that were once without them. Indeed, competition drives the market, and if your company is unable to keep up, then it is left behind.

Because of this, there was a shift in the need for devices that could keep an application running consistently, and thus thermal management solutions took a lead. Left and right, solutions were designed to keep these applications from overheating, mitigating risks of breakdowns, electrical fires, and significant permanent damage. While some manufacturers utilized complex methods to achieve this goal, others, such as our team, chose to implement eco-friendly solutions such as phase-change technology without sacrificing quality and efficiency. To learn more about this process and how we can help, reach out to our team today.

Heat Pipes and Other Products

Products that implement phase-change technology utilize the latent point of vaporization of a liquid in order to absorb the waste heat produced by the source and transfer it over a specified distance. One such option – the heat pipe – consists of pipe installations that are secured to the walls and act as remote channels that transfer the waste heat. Essentially, the installation acts as an air to water heat exchanger by first causing the fluid to increase in temperature until it changes states of matter, then transferring the vapor across the distance of the pipe. Speak to a representative from our team when you are ready to learn more.

Find a Solution for You

Our team places an equal focus on eco-friendly products and highly effective thermal management solutions. What’s more? We will work closely with you to not only find the ideal solution for your application but ensure the best interests of your team.

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