Ideal Cooling In Hazardous Locations

The oil pump, industrial equipmentWhile solutions such as liquid cold plates, heat pipes, and more provide efficient application cooling in a standard setting, that is not to say that the same level of efficiency directly translates over to more extreme environments. Indeed, industries such as Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and even the Military are unique in that they contain their very own specific set of parameters, with environmental extremes a major consideration. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX explains the role of hazardous environments when creating effective heat exchangers, and how our team can help optimize your function in spite of those hindrances.

Considering Extremes in Conditions

It goes without saying that industries such as Oil & Gas must consider a bit more than just overheating in their equipment. In fact, environmental extremes can significantly damage sensitive electronics, especially if extra protection was an oversight. Because of this, hazardous location equipment must be accommodated with a few extra precautionary measures.

When looking at hazardous locations, one of the first industries to come to mind is Oil & Gas. After all, workers in this area are performing intensive work drilling for oil. This can occur in or near to the ocean, or on land. The problem is, however, there is little to no room for error, and a mistake could end up costing both the company and the environment significantly.

In climates that are extremely hot, a rig must perform without fear of overheating or breakdown. The same could be said for situations that are extremely cold, and ensuring proper thermal regulation is key. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Dependable Thermal Management

In addition to effective function, our HazLoc heat exchangers provide a consistent level of dependency. When working in the Oil & Gas field, there is virtually no room for error, and any mishap can reap catastrophic events. For instance, oil spills occur due to oversight and miscalculation, but their effects are significantly worse. In addition to losing a valuable resource, oil spills can harm and kill sea life, contaminate the water, and more. In other words, you will need a method for regulating function to avoid this issue, and our team is ready to help.

Optimal Function Through Simple Solutions

Heat exchangers are a far more consistent and superior technology than air conditioners and compressed air coolers. What’s more? Our team currently manufactures the only heat exchanger that is UL certified for both ATEX and IECEx, meaning that our products have been tested and verified as ideal solutions for your equipment.

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