Eco-Friendly Solutions for Every Role

Hands holding abstract digital buttons with leaf and recycle icons. Ecology concept. Double exposureTechnological advancement has made nearly every industry and business much more streamlined and productive overall. Indeed, tasks that were once completed by man could be accomplished much faster and with more efficiency, thus growing production by a few hundred percent. As more and more companies jumped on board of the technology train, the need for effective thermal management solutions grew. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will look at the eco-friendly basis of all of our products, and how consistent innovation has allowed us to provide quality heat exchangers for over 50 years.

A Better Working Environment

While parameters surrounding a business’ needs will vary significantly depending on the line of work and nature of the process, one thing remains consistent: everyone needs some form of proper thermal management, and a better work environment helps. Indeed, there is nothing worse than being subject to toxic fumes and unreasonably high temperatures. What’s more? There are federal laws in place that prohibit these environments in order to preserve the safety of the worker.

This leads to an interesting question: How can you optimize your application’s function while also benefitting the environment and your workers within it? Fortunately, this is where eco-friendly thermal management comes in to help.

Eco-friendly methods have been the basis of our products for over fifty years, and our team of talented engineers continues to hone their skills and innovate in order to create ideal heat exchangers for your business. Indeed, a safe and comfortable working environment means happier workers, and happier workers mean increased productivity. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Phase-Change Technology

One of the many methods we implement to help you get the most out of your technological applications is phase-change technology. This method is utilized in products such as our custom heat pipes, liquid cold plates, and more.

You see, phase-change methods utilize natural resources such as water to absorb waste heat produced at the heat source. The fluid continues to do this until it has reached its latent point of vaporization, thus changing phases from liquid to gas. The water vapor is carried across a specific distance where it is subsequently cooled, and once it falls below its threshold, it changes back into liquid form and is taken back to the source to repeat the process.

Achieving Higher Efficiency

It is one thing to provide eco-friendly technologies, but it is something else to do so in a way that is also efficient and optimal. Our team works closely with you to develop a custom heat exchanger or thermal management solution that specifically fits your needs, thus helping you get the most from your machines.

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