Providing Below Ambient Cooling Units

Creating the right temperature environment is important, and sometimes that means keeping important equipment at lower-than-ambient temperatures. In addition to providing ambient cooling units, Noren Thermal Solutions can provide you with the means to keep electrical panels and enclosures at lower temperatures for their protection and safe operation. We can provide units that operate without the need for fans, removing the need for filters that have to be replaced. To make sure that you have ideal support, we can provide custom equipment that best suits your operation. Thanks to our rapid prototyping and in-house testing, we can go through a rigorous process to make sure that the solution we offer is right for your environment.

Sustaining The Right Temperature Conditions

The management of heat waste is important, as it protects important equipment and ensures that you can run the most efficient operation possible. Having the right setup to maintain the right environment is important, particularly when you need to find some way to keep electrical panels and other important items at a cooler state than the ambient temperatures. We provide below ambient cooling units in order to make this possible. We can mount your unit to the side of your enclosure, and when necessary, we can install a series to make sure you have the support you truly need.

Placing Below Ambient Cooling Units In Hazardous Areas

Noren provides a special core in our heat exchanger units, one that can serve you well when you need to install one in a hazardous area. The exchanger will clear waste heat while keeping the unit at the temperature of water that will flow through the core. With this setup, we can actually remove the need to have fans installed in the unit, which means there will be no need to worry about air filters that have to be periodically replaced to sustain equipment.

Need To Make Sure Your Technology Is Just Right For Your Environment? We Do Custom Work!

Our array of products help many different industries with varying operational concerns and environmental conditions. With that said, you may need equipment that differs in some way from the standard units currently available. We are prepared to help in this situation. With our ability to rapidly make and test prototypes, and our in-house testing process that simulates client environments, we can make sure you have the right unit to best protect your electrical panels and enclosures.

Learn How Below Ambient Cooling Units Can Benefit Your Operation

With our below ambient cooling units, we can help you protect important equipment and run a more effective operation! Noren provides an array of different solutions, including custom solutions, for a wide array or manufacturing and industrial environments. To find out more, contact Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX at 512-595-5700 to learn more.