Below-Ambient Military Solutions

Protected military industrial computers and laptopsAdequately managing your technological applications means not only having an understanding of their needs but being acknowledging their weaknesses as well in order to properly protect them. Indeed, your parameters play a significant role in your thermal management solutions, and their effectiveness is influenced by many different factors. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX takes a look at the needs of the military when it comes to dependable equipment, and how our below-ambient heat exchangers help prevent overheating in various circumstances.

Rough or Dangerous Locations

It goes without saying that the physical environment varies drastically depending on where you are at in the world. Some areas maintain a norm of high humidity and hot temperatures, whereas other areas may rarely experience a warm, wet day throughout the year. When working jobs or careers that cause you to relocate to different areas, such as in the military, dependability even in tough conditions matters more than anything.

Indeed, variations in the environment are unavoidable in this industry, and technology is necessary to communicate important information as well as stay in contact with officers. Even receiving missions and utilizing GPS is necessary for exact locations and tasks, which makes ensuring proper function inevitable and crucial.

Some of the many conditions a military officer might face include extremes in temperatures, extremely arid or wet locations, and more. Taking care to provide proper thermal management within military-grade computers, communication devices, and more can be the defining factor between a successful mission and protecting our brothers and sisters in uniform. To learn more about this process, reach out to a representative of our team today.

Benefits Over Air Conditioners

When cooling military equipment, a heat exchanger itself must also be able to withstand tough conditions. Indeed, ruggedized equipment such as custom cold plates and thermal pins can provide rapid cooling by displacing waste heat. What’s more? Traditional air conditioners may be able to achieve some level of internal cooling, but their maintenance and ability to overheat themselves make them a less dependable solution.

Our custom thermal solutions utilize natural technologies to provide a steady and consistent level of application cooling, allowing you to perform your role with technological reliability. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Performing Difficult Tasks

Below-ambient heat exchangers are designed to cool enclosures as well as overheating electrical panels to below the outside ambient air. What’s more? They are easy to install and utilize only 1 GPM of water for most units. When you speak with our team, ask about your below ambient ruggedized options to ensure reliable function.

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