How Injection Molding Enables Cooling

The  operation of  plastic bottle blowing process at the drinking factory. Drinking water container manufacturing process.There is nothing more trying than attempting to meet the demands of a competitive industry just to have a rushed process set you back all the way to the beginning. Indeed, this is a common issue faced by many companies in the plastic molding business, and setbacks such as these can end up costing a company significantly. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX takes a look at methods used to speed up plastic injection mold cooling in order to vastly increase yield and production.

Small, Solid Cores

Being able to rapidly heat plastic throughout then subsequently cool the material once it has taken the form of the mold is imperative in the molding industry. In fact, it is the quick cycle times and turnover that set some companies significantly above the rest.

The issue, however, is when temperatures exceed a level in which the material will set properly. When this occurs, issues such as spotting, pulling, and sink marks can ruin the quality and durability of the product. What’s more? This results in a waste of time and costs.

Because the threshold for an optimal yield is very precise, a means of producing ideal application heating and then cooling is needed. To best address this concern, our team manufactures a small, high-temperature heat pipe known as a thermal pin. To learn more about this process or to speak to a member of our team, reach out to us today.

Even Heating and Cooling Throughout

Our custom thermal pin heat exchangers are thermal solutions intended to speed up cool-down time in order to significantly increase quality products. More specifically, the simple device is either inserted into your existing technological application core, or we can process your core at our facility in order to make it into a thermal pin.

For smaller cores, plastic injection mold cooling with thermal pins can enable temperature cooling in areas that were previously inaccessible to traditional water cooling. What’s more? They help to draw heat away from the plastic and toward the mold base, or to a remote water chamber. To learn more about this process or speak to a member of our team, contact us today.

Benefits of Water

Another impressive feature about our thermal pins includes their ability to be customized, to enhance performance with eco-friendly methods. For instance, some pins can remove waste heat and deposit the thermal energy into a remote water chamber. The result is an increase in the fluid’s temperature. Once it surpasses its latent heat of vaporization, the fluid dissipates as vapor, providing no negative environmental conditions.

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