Optimizing Injection Mold Cooling

steel stainless wire feed to CNC high precusion plug pin grinding machine; automatic CNC grinding feeding systemWhen it comes to ensuring your technological applications receive the appropriate amount of cooling they need, complications can arise from a few different sources. First, it takes an understanding of the concepts one will use to help transfer waste heat, including through dissipation, spreading, and movement. You will also need to gain a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of your equipment, and only then can you get the most out of your devices. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX would like to take a look specifically at plastic mold cooling in manufacturing, and how thermal pins optimize the process.

Accessibly Cooling More Areas

For industries that utilize plastic molds, rapid cooling means everything. In fact, part of the process that makes production so effective is rapidly cooling these molds to help plastic solidify and processing to ensue. In the past, a major concern that arose with this process involved the speed at which a plastic bottle would be ready for the next step. What’s more, inconsistent cooling resulted in noticeable sink marks, pulling, and more, inevitably rendering the product flawed and thrown out.

Indeed, the need for a consistent solution grew in demand, and that is where our thermal pins come in to help. You see, a thermal pin is a high-temperature heat pipe that helps provide rapid plastic injection mold cooling regardless of variations in mold thickness. It consists of a small hollow pipe that helps remove waste heat very quickly and reduces cycle times all in one go. To learn more about this solution, reach out to our team today.

The Benefits of Hollow Cores

To properly cool a plastic product in its entirety and access each area of the old, a hollow core can work wonders. Traditional models utilize solid cores and the thermal conductivity rate of the material being used. With a hollow core, we are able to more evenly address your plastic injection mold cooling needs, as well as increase production rates overall.

In addition to these benefits, your custom thermal pin can help reduce cycle times as well. This will then increase your yields, and help put your business a step above the rest. Contact a member of our team to learn more about this process.

Utilizing Water as a Method

In injection and blow molding, the hollow pin cools the end and draws heat away from the plastic, either into the mold base or remote water chambers. If your applications do not contain a thermal management solution, we can either help install one very easily or make your core into a thermal pin.

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