The Versatility Behind Filters and Fans

Circuit board of industrial air conditioner control system. Selective focus.In our previous blog, we discussed the importance behind industry-wide standards as well as explained how these applied to NEMA 4X enclosure types and our products. Indeed, we discussed the way in which our custom solutions utilized simple technology to achieve optimal temperature regulation within a given application, and how these accessories help your applications meet and exceed these standards. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX would like to take a deeper look at accessories such as filters and fans, and how they offer versatility in addressing a variety of industry needs.

The Need for Accessories

When it comes to your business’ thermal management needs, a thorough understanding of your specific parameters as well as intended function of equipment is needed in order to achieve optimal results. This includes the type of application, where it is located, what technologies it utilizes, how much space is allotted for it, and more.

For a number of machines, simple accessories can aid in preventing dust and dirt from entering the enclosure while our solutions help cool the application and maintain a safe temperature. Keep in mind that dust can be an accelerator, and if it builds up significantly, it can cause major concerns such as fires and other hazards. To best combat this, an accessory can be utilized and effectively promote filter fan enclosure cooling.

Cooling Your Applications

Just as a child or animal can overheat from prolonged exposure to the sun, an application can overheat from excessive use. If this were to occur, you may experience machines shutting down, breaking down, or even hazards such as fires. To address this concern, a common accessory utilized includes a heat exchanger fan.

Many applications require different needs to be met, which is why we offer three main types of fans. A standard model is used when there is little to no chance of exposure to moisture, while a universal model is designed for wet environments or a variety of environments, depending on the industry’s needs. We also offer non-standard fans used in applications where the environment is damp.

Reusable v. Disposable Filters

Since fans tend to generate dust, oftentimes a filter is needed to prevent dust buildup from entering an enclosure. Our filter kits are designed to bolt directly to your application, and can consist of reusable aluminum filters that can be washed, or disposable poly filters that can be used up to 12 months then replaced. Having the right combination of accessories is a must to ensure appropriate filter fan enclosure cooling, and our team is ready to help.

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