How Thermal Pins Lead To Better Molding Productivity

For any material processing operation, it can be hard to overstate the appeal of changes that lead to faster output and better overall productivity. Reliable, rapid cooling can lead to important boosts in productivity for a molding operation. At Noren Thermal Solutions, we can provide thermal pins that safely and dependably shorten your cooldown times, which can lead to a more productive and cost-friendly operation! Thermal pins are high temperature heat pipes that can fit into a number of molding operations. To make sure our recommended solutions benefit you, we provide custom operations, thorough feasibility studies as well as design and analysis, and in-house testing that simulates the environment you work in!

Thermal Pins Boost Productivity By Reducing Cooldown Time

With the implementation of thermal pins, you can more effectively manage equipment and material temperatures, which can enable you to run more efficiently. These pins can be worked into a number of different operations, and they can make it easier to remove heat quickly and evenly. We have experience providing thermal pins for different molding operations, so we can help those operations that rely on injection and blow molding, and we can also provide solutions for those who use extrusion and rotational molding.

We Can Provide Pins For Different Molding Operations

The right thermal solution is one that is tailored to your specific molding operations. We can provide pins for small cores that are difficult to access through water cooling, and we can use pins to take heat away from materials back to the molding base, or even to remote water channels. For extrusion and rotational molding, thermal pins offer the advantage of fast as well as even cooling. In other words, their implementation can put a stop to problems with “hot spots” that you need to address in your operation.

Worried Your Operation Has Unusual Needs? We Provide Custom Solutions!

There are many steps we take to make sure that we provide personalized solutions that fit our clients’ needs and thrive in their environments. Before providing your equipment, we can do feasibility studies, rapidly produce and test prototypes, and even do in-house testing that will simulate the environment of your operation. By doing this, we can identify and correct possible issues before we add new technology to your facility. This can prevent problems that require maintenance and repair after installation.

Noren Thermal Solutions Can Provide Thermal Pins That Benefit Your Molding Operations

With the use of thermal pins, you can more effectively manage the heat output of your operation and improve your efficiency! We work with a number of industries, and we provide cooling and heat management solutions that thrive in a wide array of operational environments. To find out how our services can improve your operation, contact Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX at 512-595-5700.