What Exactly is Below Ambient Cooling?

Young engineer checking temperature of refrigeration and setting temperature of compressor at control switchboard panel for test cool down of cold storage room in the factoryWith a variety of technological applications in a number of industries serving a myriad of purposes, it only makes sense that there be a variety of methods for temperature regulation in order to best address unique needs. The ability to customize products is an added bonus and one that has proven quite useful and necessary over the years. In today’s blog, your team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX would like to dive into one of the many solutions available – specifically, below ambient cooling – and how it can be used to benefit your business.

Replacing Compressed Air Coolers

In the past, air conditioners and compressed air coolers were the main methods for regulating temperature in a technological application. As industries and needs grew and innovated, however, this method proved not to be the most optimal one out there. Indeed, for electrical panels and the like, the need for below ambient cooling grew and emphasized the need for a more optimal solution. Thus, heat exchangers that could cool electrical panels below the outside air temperature were born.

Our below ambient cooling heat exchangers allow for a simple installation and maintenance, containing an isogloss gasket that seals against the enclosure to keep out contaminants. A specially designed open-loop core allows the unit to remove waste heat inside the enclosure to below ambient temperature, and only uses 1GPM water source for most units.  These units are typically mounted on the side of an enclosure and can be used in series as needed.  Not only this, but they lend themselves well to being used in 508a applications as well.

Cooling Units for All Industries

One of the major benefits of this solution is its ability to assist in large applications across a number of industries, including the Oil & Gas industry. We utilize a specially designed core to remove waste heat from the cabinet while cooling the internal air to the temperature of the water that circulates through the heat exchanger’s core. What’s more, these units do not have any external fans, meaning that filter kits are not required. For more information, contact our team today.

A Custom-Designed Heat Exchanger

While our heat exchangers can be utilized for a variety of applications, their efficiency is partially owed to the way we utilize collaborative engineering to customize your solution. Custom thermal exchangers are typically based on our standard model, and the various attributes of the unit are then modified to meet the needs of the application in question.

That being said, our engineering team is happy to work with your business in order to design and manufacture one or multiple custom units.

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