Thermal Solutions for Ambient Enclosures

Square air-conditioning unit on the roof with a round fan. In the background gradually receding other units that are out of focus. On the right side light blue sky and commercial space.When it comes to the function of major technological applications in a number of industries, thermal management solutions are a must. In fact, without such custom methods for regulating temperature, a number of industries would suffer as expensive equipment would overheat, shutdown, and more. In other industries, potentially catastrophic events can arise from not properly managing machines, causing damage to a significantly-sized area. In today’s blog the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will look at ambient enclosures specifically and how our custom products can help keep them functioning optimally.

Defining Ambient Cooling

Different technological applications utilize different methods for thermal management, often dependent on their environment, space allotted, and industry purposes. Many industries can benefit from the use of ambient cooling systems, in which products are designed to utilize the surrounding outside ambient air to cool overheating electrical panels. They offer a more compact method of cooling without the need for large air conditioners or compressed air coolers, as outside ambient air is brought in to force the removal of waste heat. For more information about this process, contact your Noren representative today.

Drop-In Units

To best address your unique parameters, our team offers multiple models that can be utilized for a number of UL types, including 12, 3R, 4, and 4X. We recognize that different territories contain different UL needs, and this recommend you speak with our Territory Account Managers in order to determine the best option for your application.

The first of our models offered is Drop-In heat exchanger, which is designed to attach to the top of electrical enclosures and occupies space both inside and outside of the enclosure. To achieve stable temperatures, they transfer waste heat through a heat pipe and into the ambient air outside of the enclosure itself, enabling the heat exchanger to lower the internal temperature of the application.

Flush-Mount Units

The second unit, known as a Flush-Mount heat exchanger, is designed to attach to the side or door of electrical enclosures where it transfers waste heat through a heat pipe and into the ambient air outside of the application, enabling the exchanger to decrease the internal temperature of the machine. The main difference between these models and the Drop-In units, is that the Flush Mount units do not protrude into the enclosure. For more information, contact our team today.

HazLoc Exchangers

Just as we take into consideration the location and needs of your industry, we pay mind to the potential extremes you may face. Because of this, our heat exchangers must be optimized to perform in extreme circumstances our products can be custom designed for hazardous locations, and are currently the only exchangers available in the ATEX/IECEx certification standard.

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