Removing Waste From Electronics With Heat Sinks

Just as phones and laptops must be kept out of extreme heat or cold to prevent break down, so does a number of large technological applications in a variety of industries. What’s more, a single mishap can cause a machine to shut down and not only affect the level of production and yield, but can also cause serious damage to the application itself that may cost a significant amount of money to fix. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will look at one of the many ways our products can remove waste heat and keep your electronics functioning properly with the use of a heat sink.

Forced Air Cooling

When it comes to technological applications, a significant amount of thermal energy can be generated due to consistent mechanical action. If this heat is not removed, it can cause a slew of concerns – from overheating to shutting down, and even temporary or permanent damage. When this occurs, production and yield is sure to follow. What’s more, your business may not just be down for the time being, but for however long it takes to get a technician out to service the machine as well. Because of this, forced air cooling is a necessary feature.

Applications can utilize products such as heat sinks to regulate their forced air cooling. While power densities per square inch are increasing in new applications, space allotted for forced cooling is ever decreasing. This means that a solution need not just cool an application, but do so in the most optimal manner utilizing a minimal amount of space. To accomplish this, we manufacture and create custom Copper Finned heat sinks to disperse heat at a rapid rate.

Dispersing Heat

A Copper Finned heat sink provides a thermal transfer rate of almost double that of traditional sinks created from extruded aluminum. In fact, copper spreads heat quickly throughout the heat sink base, into the fins, and out into the surrounding air, dissipating heat two times or even three times faster than traditional models. For more information, contact our team today.

Freedom of Design

In addition to a higher removal rate to lower energy usage, our heat sinks offer total freedom in design and manufacturing capabilities. In fact, each of our bonded heat sinks are built to the specific needs of your business and industry, meaning we can provide the custom solution you need that not only fits your specific industrial and environmental parameters, but what will optimize your business as well. To learn more about the customization process and our collaborative engineering approach, contact our team today.

Contact Our Team

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