How Our HyTec Coolers Optimize Elevator Function

An open Elevator shaft at the business centerAn open Elevator shaft at the business centerA number of industries contain large technological applications that are the key to their overall production and output, meaning that if they were to go down, it could potentially cost the company greatly in a number of ways. Custom solutions are created to address this problem with efficiency and optimization, but what about applications that are to be trusted with lived and well-being, such as an elevator? In today’s blog, your team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will address this dilemma by discussing the safety and efficiency behind our HyTec Coolers.

Meeting Unique Parameters

Just as any machine needs a method of thermal management to ensure optimal usage, so do elevators. The difference here, however, is not the difference between a functioning elevator and a non-functioning one, but a non-functioning one with people aboard. Indeed, ensuring the proper function of an application of this caliber is absolutely necessary, and that is why we have dedicated our resources and engineers to the development of our HyTec Coolers. These applications are effective fluid cooling systems utilizing HyTec Heat Pipe cores. This not only allows for highly efficient elevator hydraulic fluid cooling, but affords easier management of the process as well. 

Model Options

The HyTec Cooler consists of multiple models that are strategically designed to fit a number of reservoirs, including dry-type and submersible-type reservoirs. The D-Model provides elevator hydraulic fluid cooling for dry type reservoirs, transferring heated fluid from a barrier through the heat pipe cores before drawing the fluid back in. The heat pipe core’s size is universal throughout applications and the side panels can be adjusted according to the space between the reservoir’s walls and the core. Alternatively, the S-Model is designed specifically for use in submersible-type reservoirs, consisting of a steel basket-type construction, capturing heated fluid to direct it through the HyTec Heat Pipe cores. For more information about our different models, contact our team today.

Assistance with Installation

Not only are our hydraulic HyTec Coolers built to accommodate a number of different environments and reservoirs, but they are designed with simple installation in mind in order to make the process much simpler than traditional methods. We offer specific installation diagrams and instructions for each model available online on our website or, of course, accompanied with the model that works best for you and your specific needs. With simple installation and optimized fluid cooling, your elevators will be working safely and efficiently. For more information about how we can assist with simple instillation, or to learn more about our products, contact our team today.

Learn More Today

Technological applications perform the best when they are functioning optimally, and our solutions can help. Contact Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX by calling 512-595-5700 to learn more by speaking with a representative today.