When Heat Sinks Streamline Manufacturing

Copper heat sink  on computer motherboard abstract backgroundIndustries that have major roles in producing large quantities of a product know that the most important thing is that their production lines are up and moving to standard. What’s more, these lines serve as arguably the most important equipment needed to move business along, right next to the actual staff, of course. That being said, it only takes one instance of the technology used to make this happen overheating or malfunctioning to bring down productivity and begin costing the company large sums of money. For this reason, applications must function optimally at all times, and your Taylor, TX team at Noren Thermal Solutions create custom applications such as heat sinks that can be utilized to make this happen.

Forced Air Cooling

Just as people need to cool off after a long run or being in the sun for a long period of time, technology needs to be cooled as well. In the past, the main form of doing so included using fans, though the space needed and the amount it cost to do so did not make sense financially. In fact, as power densities per square inch are continuing to increase in new technology as the space allotted for temperature control mechanisms is forever decreasing, a thermal solution was very much in demand. Companies began to manufacture aluminum heat sinks in order to remove waste heat from sensitive electronics, and while they did a significantly better job than the fans, there was room for improvement.

Noren Thermal Solutions created a Copper Finned Heat Sink that offers the ultimate in forced-air cooling. The utilization of copper over aluminum created a thermal transfer rate of almost double as the copper allows the heat to disperse at a much faster rate, making it an optimal solution to streamline business.

Removal of Waste Heat

As heat begins to generate, a method is needed to remove and dissipate it so as to prevent overheating. The Bonded Fin Heat Sink is built to the unique needs of each customer, meaning we can customize an accessory to accommodate your specific technological needs. As the copper spreads the heat throughout the sink base at a rapid rate, the heat is transferred to the copper fins and then out into the surrounding air. Since the application does not need additional chemicals or energy to do so, this makes it an excellent eco-friendly option.

Utilizing Different Designs

In addition to the function our heat sinks serve, they also offer versatility as there are two fin types to choose from – folded fin and single fin. There are countless combinations of height, thickness, and density that can be utilized, ensuring a custom solution to meet your needs.

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