How the Food & Beverage Industry Benefits from Modern Heat Exchangers

Beverage factory interior. Conveyor with bottles for juice or water. Modern equipmentsOver the course of the past few decades, thermal solutions such as heat exchangers and other innovations have helped to streamline production and productivity in a variety of industries, including the Food & Beverage industry. Now more than ever with more efficient electrical cooling, many companies have been able to truly benefit and thrive without having to fret over cost and maintenance. With a more natural and efficient means for stabilizing the temperature in applications and technology, Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX is able to provide solutions for a safer and more optimized process for operation.

Keeping the Line Moving

Like other packaging and production industries, Food & Beverage requires consistency and order when creating an output. This means that the production line must be running efficiently and smoothly to ensure operations are staying on track. When the line is down, however, it serves as a major detriment to the business, as the cost to profit ratio is taken into account with time and energy. In other words, it is literally costing a company significantly when production is stunted.

When lines are no longer operational, it can be due to a variety of circumstances such as a short circuit, malfunction, or most commonly, overheating due to heat not being removed. Like individuals, mechanisms can experience overheating that drastically affects overall energy and productivity. Just how humans must get out of the heat and into a different area to cool off, so does technology. The difference, however, is that applications and appliances can’t simply move or take breaks, which means they need a custom thermal solution to help remove the heat waste and ensure that all components are functioning at an optimal temperature for continued production.

Optimized Function

To ensure optimized function, an application must have either the necessary space to ensure ambient cooling can take place in proportion to the level of power being utilized, or require an accessory or product such as a fan or a heat pipe that can cause the heat to dissipate and thus regulate temperature. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, a trend has emerged involving decreasing the space needed for an appliance while exponentially increasing the level of power utilized to accomplish a task. While This is convenient for many companies, the lack of area makes for increased temperature levels that do not necessarily account for waste heat. By utilizing a custom solution to assist in dispersing the heat effectively and regulating temperature, you are able to not only increase production but optimize your output as well without having to break the bank. For more information on this process, contact our team today.

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