How Hazloc Heat Exchangers Benefit the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil pump and oil refining factory at sunset. Energy industrial concept. Selective focus. Creative artwork decoration.Working in the Oil & Gas industry, you know more than anyone the importance of having and maintaining functionally operational technology. What’s more, the slightest mishap with machinery can create significant problems that impact the environment and everyone involved.  With that in mind, ensuring technological functionality is an important concern, and creating solutions to better manage them is exactly what the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX does. In today’s blog, we look at the importance of eco-friendly advanced solutions that can benefit the Oil & Gas industry.


In harsh conditions, large machines that are used for oil drilling and other practices can easily overheat. When this occurs, it can result in potentially catastrophic events, causing pollution, harming the environment, and even costing a significant amount of money to fix. Fortunately, our Hazloc heat exchangers can prevent these events from occurring.

Currently, our device is the only one that has been UL certified for ATEX and IECEx. UL certification signifies that our products meet the industry-wide standards on new products set by Underwriter Laboratories while also demonstrating competency.  People hire companies and purchase products based on their reputation and expertise, and being the only heat exchanger certified reflects just how dedicated we are to the art. For more information, contact our team today.

Increased Production and Productivity

In the past, machines were kept cool and functioning with the use of air conditioners and similar products. The problem with this method was that it did well enough for what it was, however, the cost, energy, and space needed to maintain this practice was significant. Following this, heat exchangers came into use as a superior thermal solution to air conditioners and compressed air coolers for a variety of reasons, ultimately increasing production and productivity as low cost and little to no maintenance prevailed. With technology functioning in an optimal stage, Hazloc heat exchangers have made production in the Oil & Gas industry much more efficient and consistent.

Lower Cost and Maintenance

One of the many benefits that come with our products include lower operational cost. In fact, heat exchangers require a very low power consumption, making it a more affordable solution. They also do not permit outside air to enter the enclosure which prevents contaminants from interfering, and require little to no maintenance. Additionally, they do not contribute greatly to pollution, as each unit is self-contained and bolted directly to the enclosure. With the environment and cost in mind, Noren’s heat exchangers provide a more affordable and conscientious level of protection.

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