How Custom Heat Exchangers Truly Optimize Your Production

Copper bithermic (twin) heat exchanger.A variety of industries rely heavily on advanced technology and innovation to streamline their production and aid them in reaching their business goals. Throughout the past couple of decades, engineers have taken the notion of innovation and ran with it, creating applications that are more compact but can also utilize a great deal of power to increase function. The problem with this, however, is that the compact design makes it difficult for displacing heat, meaning that overheating and malfunction is more likely to occur. Because of this, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX make it their goal to provide custom thermal solutions that can optimize production without the worry of breaking down.

Streamlining Productivity

As the mechanisms and inner-workings of an application are at work, heat is generated. Just like when humans need a cool-down after an intense workout, machines also need a means of removing the excess heat, otherwise it will cause complications such as break down, overheating, or even malfunction. Appliances at this large of a caliber require significant assistance when being maintenance, causing a stop in productivity as staff must wait for machines to get fixed. What’s more, if the excess heat results in a malfunction or breaking down, the cost to both production and maintenance can be quite significant.

With this in mind, a stride toward efficient methods was taken by creating a heat exchanger that not only was compact and efficient, but eco-friendly as well. In the past, the only solution to cooling was large fans. While it worked well enough for the purpose of production, the amount of energy and space that was needed was large, causing more of a problem than a solution. With a custom heat sink or other thermal solution, removing waste heat from sensitive electronics and other machines became much more efficient and streamlined, increasing overall yield.

Decreasing Wait Time

Another factor that promoted innovation for more efficient solutions included the amount of wait time required when having to maintenance devices. Fixing the issue not only impacted production itself, but the team members who relied on it. In other words, the only thing they could do was wait for things to get back to normal, thus halting the entire process. With a custom appliance, however, maintenance needs have decreased. Dramatically as heat is removed in a safe manner.

Taking Care of Your Assets

With our products, you can count on a safe environment for your team to work in. We utilize advanced practices to ensure each of our products is eco-friendly, meaning that we do not use harsh chemicals or other means to remove heat, thus creating a safer space for you and your team. Contact us to learn more about helping your business.

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