Manufacturing Fields that Benefit from Heat Exchangers

These days, technology is a major part of operations for companies in every field of manufacturing. For some industries, these technologies are similar, such as high-performance thermal management solutions that provide consistent cooling for electrical enclosures. In many cases, heat exchangers are the thermal management solution of choice, especially when it comes to cooling enclosures. However, in some specific applications, heat exchangers can also provide equally high-performance results, whether it’s for electrical cooling or for achieving various other thermal management capabilities.

Processing and packaging for pharmaceuticals

The manufacturing, processing, packaging, and shipping of pharmaceutical goods are all processes that are highly dependent on thermal management of various kinds. Pharmaceutical products are created using advanced, highly precise chemistry that often involves careful control of temperatures. The specifics can change depending on the medicine being produced, and companies need systems that can keep up with the rapid pace of change efficiently and at minimal cost. When packaging and shipping such products, all processes and equipment used must also be able to maintain optimal thermal management processes to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medication once it reaches consumers. For all of these processes, specialized heat exchangers are able to significantly reduce energy costs and streamline efficiency using more advanced thermal management processes.

Plastic mold cooling for the molding industry

In industries like pharmaceutical manufacturing, thermal management often means keeping electrical enclosures or other areas properly cooled on a consistent basis. However, in the plastic molding industry, thermal management takes on a much more aggressive and impactful meaning. The rate at which a company’s equipment can remove heat from new molds sets the pace for the company’s production. The quality of those cooling processes (i.e., how evenly heat is removed from all sides of the mold) determines how many errors must be addressed in each batch. With specialized heat exchangers known as thermal pins, plastic molding companies can enjoy the benefits of low-cost, high-performance thermal management that provides consistently high-quality results.

Food and beverage processing and shipping

Much like pharmaceuticals, the processing, packaging, and shipping of food and beverage products are highly reliant on efficient thermal management processes. From the early stages of production and all throughout, in processes such as pasteurization, the ability to efficiently control heat is vital to the safety of any product a company produces. Heat exchangers have long been a go-to solution for electrical cooling processes, and with custom, specialized cooling units, food and beverage manufacturing companies have multiplied the benefits of more streamlined heat transfer. For more information about how specific manufacturing fields benefit from heat exchangers, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.