Yielding Higher-Quality Molds with Thermal Pins

In the plastic molding industry, thermal management takes on a much more significant role than it does in most other industries. In general, many of a molding company’s thermal management needs are similar, such as the need to keep electrical control panels and other enclosures effectively cooled. However, unlike in other industries, the concepts of transferring heat are also the foundation of a molding company’s operations. With specialized heat exchangers known as thermal pins, companies in the molding industry have been able to streamline their plastic mold cooling processes as much as they have more common thermal management needs.

Revisiting more natural heat transfer methods

Heat exchanger technology is based on natural methods of transferring heat, often with the help of an eco-friendly cooling fluid. For example, the right fluid rapidly absorbs waste heat that electrical components produce so that it can transfer it before it has a chance to cause heat damage. Within most common heat exchangers, this process occurs in a tightly sealed and controlled loop, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly to prevent electrical overheating. These same principles can also be used for other applications, such as rapidly removing heat from plastic molds in an even and reliable manner.

Using heat exchanger tech for plastic mold cooling

Thermal pins are designed to translate the same innovative heat transfer principles that heat exchangers rely on into cooling apparatus that can fit onto most existing molding equipment. Their more streamlined methods of rapidly transferring heat and near completely isothermal cooling capabilities make thermal pins a staple in modern molding companies’ efficiency and productivity. As more companies utilize them, the more important it becomes for others to utilize similar plastic mold cooling methods to remain competitive.

The benefits of using modern thermal pins

The rate at which certain types of equipment can remove heat from plastic molds is vital to more than just the company’s ability to operate. The right cooling apparatus can also help ensure that every mold produced is of the utmost quality, with no discrepancies caused by uneven heat removal. In addition to the more rapid pace and eco-friendly manner in which thermal pins can cool superheated molds, the ability to consistently produce quality molds is a key factor in every company’s success. For more information about yielding higher-quality molds with specialized thermal pins, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.