How Custom Thermal Management Boosts Companies’ Efficiency

The ability to customize any aspect of a company’s operations can be a significant boost to efficiency. That’s especially true in thermal management, as companies in virtually every industry continue adopting newer and more innovative technologies into their operations. However, customization often seems like a luxury that many companies can’t easily afford, or that is beyond the reach of certain processes, such as electrical thermal management. Fortunately, increasingly more companies are realizing that custom thermal management solutions are more versatile and, in many cases, affordable than they may have originally thought.

Utilizing more customizable cooling methods

The basis for customizing any thermal management solution is the method it uses to manage waste heat. For example, air conditioners come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, but some things don’t change, such as their need for large amounts of energy and space to accommodate them. That’s due to their complicated HVAC methods of chilling electrical enclosures, which are cumbersome out of necessity. By contrast, the more modern thermal management solutions that companies are relying on utilize natural methods of transferring waste heat instead of HVAC principles of lowering its temperature.

How streamlined thermal management benefits companies

When modern heat exchangers and other custom thermal solutions are utilized for industrial processes, the benefits and savings are significant. In addition to being more streamlined in their design, heat exchangers also approach thermal management in a more energy efficient manner. They don’t need to use chilled air, so they don’t need the equipment needed to chill it. Instead, heat exchangers have an appropriate cooling fluid absorb waste heat until it evaporates, then transfer it and dissipate it somewhere safely. Using less energy and more manageable equipment to cool electrical systems more efficiently have has served as the basis for heat exchangers’ versatility.

Heat exchangers designed to meet different needs

Because they’re so easily adaptable and much more efficient to maintain, heat exchangers have grown increasingly more popular as a solution for more advanced and innovative technologies. Even for more standard applications, however, heat exchangers and similar custom thermal solutions have proven invaluable in creating thermal management systems that provide greater safety and efficiency, and at much lower costs to the companies that utilize them. For more information about how custom thermal management boosts companies’ efficiency, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.