High Efficiency Ambient Cooling with Eco-Flow

One of the greatest advantages of modern thermal management systems is their ability to adapt to increasingly higher application demands while maintaining optimal efficiency. The new Eco-Flow heat dissipator is the epitome of that goal. Its dual filter fan design gives it the ability to match the standards and performance specifications of a wide range of electrical enclosures and can be utilized in several different configurations.

The Eco-Flow dual-fan cooling system

Ambient cooling is the process of keeping the temperature inside of an electrical enclosure at just above the ambient temperature outside of it. The Eco-Flow dual filter fan system achieves this by continuously pulling in the cooler ambient air into the enclosure, while simultaneously pushing the waste heat from electrical components outside of it. The dual fan design and high-quality seals and gaskets help ensure that no moisture or contaminants can enter the electrical enclosure for optimal ingress protection.

Advanced cooling for enclosures of all sizes

The ability to prevent electrical overheating with the Noren Eco-Flow will offer a significant advantage over more conventional cooling solutions. In addition to being significantly more economic and energy efficient, the Eco-Flow dual filter fan system also requires minimal or no maintenance (outside of routinely cleaning or replacing the fans’ filters). This allows companies to improve productivity by avoiding costly downtime for repairs. The simplified ambient cooling apparatus can also be configured as needed to fit any size enclosure and achieve highly specific rates of heat dissipation, according to each application’s unique needs.

Learn about streamlined cooling with Eco-Flow

The advanced Eco-Flow dual filter fan system can be adapted to many different applications, so it’s important to closely follow the instructions provided for proper installation of each unit. Ambient cooling considerations must be accounted for, and the units are for in-door use only. To learn more about our new Eco-Flow dual-fan cooling system and how it can streamline your electrical thermal management processes, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.