Optimal Electrical Cooling with Little or No Maintenance

Of the many different concerns that come with electrical thermal management, maintenance might not always seem like one of the most important. However, when compared to the frequent routine maintenance and unforeseen repairs that are often needed with traditional cooling solutions, the reduced need to maintain heat exchangers is an extremely important benefit. It all stems from the simpler, more manageable designs of modern heat exchangers, which don’t include the same complex machinery and numerous external moving parts that make routine maintenance necessary on older solutions.

What thermal management maintenance means

Traditionally, companies that needed to keep their electrical equipment cooled had to do so with the help solutions like air conditioners and air compressors. The goal is to use chilled air to combat the waste heat that collects inside of electrical enclosures. Generating and circulating the chilled air prevented the sensitive electrical components within the enclosure from overheating, becoming damaged and ceasing to function altogether. However, it also requires complex machinery and chemicals to consistently generate chilled air, and that equipment often requires constant maintenance and repairs for one or more of its complex moving parts.

Heat exchangers compared to traditional cooling

The difference that heat exchangers make is that they don’t need chilled air to cool electrical enclosures or any other equipment. Unlike traditional solutions, they don’t generate chilled air at all, but rather, use a cooling fluid to keep waste heat moving before it has a chance to sit and accumulate within the enclosure. With no need for complicated, external machinery or the complex apparatus needed for chilling air, heat exchangers don’t require as much maintenance and can operate significantly longer without needing repairs or replacement.

The benefits of low-maintenance electrical cooling

A reduced need for electrical cooling maintenance is a benefit to companies in many different ways. For example, there’s less need for downtime, which means heat exchangers don’t negatively impact productivity. This also reduces the overall costs associated with having to routinely maintain and repair the equipment, whether it’s during business hours or not. In addition to reducing the overall need for maintenance, the same simplified principles of heat transfer that heat exchangers use are a more manageable and eco-friendly solution to keeping even high-performance technologies properly cooled.

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