More Industries Taking Advantage of Custom Heat Exchangers

When one or more companies begin to take advantage of some new tech, it may take a while before it becomes advantageous enough to transform the entire industry – if it ever does. With heat exchangers, however, the advantages that companies experience have led to a significantly, relatively fast boom in popularity. What some companies first used as an alternative to air conditioners and air compressors for cooling electrical enclosures quickly became the new standard of electrical thermal management in virtually every industry. Today, we examine the impact that heat exchangers have had on just a few of today’s important industries.

The advanced medical tech industry

The medical field has always been a foreground of technological innovation, including in the area of electrical thermal management. While many industries rely on technology to gain a competitive edge over others, medical professionals use it to save and improve lives. Therefore, the quality and reliability of the technology they use has an impact on much more than their organizations’ financial wellbeing. Applications such as advanced digital imaging, laser surgical guides, and more rely on high-performance technologies that require high-performance cooling. Advanced heat exchangers have proven not only reliable and efficient, but also one of the safest thermal management solutions for use in the medical field.

The automated technology industry

Automated technology has been transformative in the medical industry as well as virtually all others. From automated software and databases that make administrative work more streamlined and efficient, to large-scale manufacturing processes that are automated by complex machinery, such advanced solutions are designed to minimize the need for interaction from employees. Heat exchangers, which are known for providing consistent, reliable, and high-performance electrical cooling, are often ideal solutions for automated applications. Their simplified methods of transferring heat and minimal equipment make them the most unobtrusive thermal management solutions for most automated applications.

The oil and gas production industry

Improved production and technological advancement have been key components in heat exchangers’ popularity across most industries. However, some industries involve operations and applications that are deployed in hazardous locations, such as oil and gas production. Modern heat exchangers help them benefit from streamlined thermal management, as well, when they’re designed to withstand the hazardous conditions. Using high-quality seals and gaskets and expertly constructed equipment, heat exchangers can be designed specifically for use in the most extreme conditions.

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