Understanding the Advantages of Custom Thermal Pins

Heat exchangers have transformed electrical enclosure cooling and other thermal management processes over the last few decades. Yet, their impact has gone far beyond conventional electrical cooling in that time. In many instances, heat exchangers and custom thermal solutions based off of their heat transfer principles have become staples in several essential processes. For example, in the molding industry, where rapidly removing heat from molds is core to the production process, the ability to absorb and transfer heat efficiently and with minimal energy has proven invaluable. Thanks to specialized heat exchangers known as thermal pins, molding companies can apply the same innovative heat transfer principles to their machine tool cooling processes.

Heat exchangers made for machine tool cooling

Heat exchangers are designed to achieve optimal electrical cooling in mostly natural, easily manageable ways. They use cooling fluid to absorb waste heat as it’s emitted, then transfer that heat away from sensitive components so that it can dissipate it safely. This creates a highly efficient and reliable way to prevent electrical overheating without having to rely on cumbersome HVAC or air compressing apparatus. The process of transferring heat is the same process that innovative thermal pins are based on, but they’re designed specifically to be used in conjunction with common injection or extraction molding equipment.

How are thermal pins better than traditional cooling?

The ability to transfer heat using eco-friendly cooling fluid instead of complicated air-chilling processes, and to do so consistently using minimal energy, is a significant benefit when it comes to machine tool cooling. The pace at which companies can remove heat from molds sets the stage for their overall productivity, and the quality of the molds depend largely on the efficiency of the heat removal process. Because thermal pins are based on heat exchanger technology, they’re able to bring to the molding process the same thermal management benefits, including reduced energy costs, more consistent cooling, and significantly reduced downtime.

A few important benefits for most molding companies

When molding companies implement thermal pins, the benefits they experience are almost immediate. Thermal pins can significantly boost productivity by rapidly and reliably removing heat from each mold, without using up large amounts of energy or requiring frequent repairs or maintenance. Thermal pins are also isothermal, which means they remove heat evenly from all sides of the mold at the same time. This reduces the risks of deformities in the final mold, or other errors that could make the molds unusable.

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