Cooling Automated Tech with Advanced Thermal Solutions

The ability to automate a wide range of processes has revolutionized how many industries operate. In everything from administrative and bookkeeping routines to complex manufacturing processes, automated technology has played an increasingly larger role in most companies’ growth and innovation. While several different technological advancements have come together to make automation possible, the realm of electrical thermal management is a unique one. The goal is to properly cool high-performance applications without creating additional energy, maintenance, and space requirements. Heat exchangers’ ability to do exactly that, and to be customized to meet most applications’ unique needs, have made them a significant part of the advancements that have made automation possible.

The breadth of automated technology solutions

When many people think of automated technology, the first thing that comes to mind is automated factories, manufacturing, and assembly lines. One of the most recognizable applications is the use of automated machinery to take over redundant manufacturing tasks so employees can focus on higher-level responsibilities. However, automation comes in many different forms beyond the manufacturing floor, and can include applications such as banking (ATMs), financial and other forms of bookkeeping, healthcare and medical technologies, consumer electronics, and much more.

The role of thermal management in all technologies

In every application, the goal of implementing automated solutions is to streamline the processes for which the application will be responsible. In manufacturing applications, it saves companies and their employees time by taking over redundant processes. In administrative applications, it can track down and automatically organize information that would otherwise take significant amounts of manual labor. To achieve these goals, automated technologies of all types must operate with high levels of autonomy – something that traditional electrical thermal management solutions (such as HVAC and air compression) are not known for.

Making heat exchangers fit automated tech

Even in non-automated applications, conventional thermal management solutions often require more maintenance and upkeep than most other systems. They also draw on large amounts of energy, adding to the energy costs already associated with everyday operations. Therefore, even before the rise of automation, heat exchangers provided companies a significant advantage in keeping thermal management costs more manageable However, they’re ability to rapidly and continuously transfer waste heat without needing much maintenance or repairs, and while using minimal amounts of energy, have made them an ideal fit in many different forms of automated technology.

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