Ruggedizing Thermal Solutions for Tough Applications

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing custom thermal management solutions for most applications is that each solution is designed specifically to meet any given application’s parameters. Generally, that means cooling electrical enclosures, control panels, and more within manufacturing and other common technological applications. As such applications have grown more advanced and powerful, the thermal management solutions needed to keep them operational have often been customized to meet their more demanding needs. For some applications, however, creating the right thermal solution involves more than just customizing the solution’s parameters. For example, in areas such as aerospace and military applications, ruggedizing thermal solutions so that they can operate under intense conditions is one of the most important forms of customization.

What ruggedization means

Ruggedization is the process of beefing up commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, such as heat exchangers and other heat transfer systems, to survive extreme temperatures, climates, environments, and use. That may include optimizing thermal management solutions to provide below-ambient cooling within extremely hot climates, as well as fortifying the solution’s seals and other components to survive rough handling, severely high and/or low altitudes, and more. Before ruggedizing any solution, a team of engineering and thermal management experts will thoroughly analyze the thermal solution and the intended application to ensure optimal results.

Why beef up custom thermal solutions?

Equipment and technology that is used in rough and tumble applications like aerospace and military technologies need more than efficiency, they also require durability to withstand some of the most demanding conditions. For instance, aircraft constantly reach extremely high altitudes, where the air quality and pressure alone can affect how well a thermal management solution can transfer heat. In military technologies, the applications are used by soldiers in tough, often remote locales where the efficiency and reliability of their equipment is vital.

Applications for ruggedized heat exchangers

There are many reasons why ruggedizing heat exchangers and other custom thermal solutions is necessary. Not every technological solution used in aerospace, military, and other industries is contemporary enough to come with heat exchangers integrated into their designs. However, such systems can still benefit greatly from the advanced capabilities of custom thermal solutions. By ruggedizing heat exchangers and customizing them to fit such applications, those who rely on the technology can significantly improve their applications’ efficiency and effectiveness without having to completely revamp every aspect of their technology.

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