Unique Capabilities of Custom Thermal Solutions

Traditionally, the idea of customizing a solution for every thermal management application would have been too costly to consider, especially for large-scale manufacturing technologies and processes. That cost was largely due to the complicated nature of most traditional electrical cooling options, like air conditioning and compression. However, since heat exchangers have become integral to operations in most industries, custom thermal solutions have become a more affordable and efficient method of meeting the needs of increasingly more advanced technologies.

Electrical cooling for advanced electronics

One of the more notable advances that have stemmed from streamlined thermal management is the development of smaller and powerful electronics. What was previously impossible due to thermal management restrictions (such as the size of air conditioners and other solutions), became par for the course thanks to the innovative capabilities of heat exchangers. Because they simplify electrical thermal management with heat transfer concepts like phase-change cooling, heat exchangers can take up a fraction of the space that would have to be dedicated to traditional cooling units. They can also be custom-designed to fit into applications with highly limited space, and to meet the high-performance demands of increasingly more powerful electronics.

Rapid heat removal for the molding industry

The ability to rapidly transfer large amounts of waste heat was vital to heat exchangers’ impact on high-performance electronics. That same ability has also helped pave the way for custom thermal solutions in other highly specific applications, such as injection molding. Custom-made thermal pins provide the same innovative cooling capabilities of traditional heat exchangers to the molding process by quickly and evenly removing heat from molds. Thermal pins are isothermal for consistently high-quality yields, and because they employ energy-efficient and eco-friendly cooling methods, they can perform consistently while minimizing molding companies’ overall costs. They can be custom-designed to fit existing injection molding equipment, as well, so companies don’t have to overhaul their entire operations to accommodate them.

Eco-friendly food and beverage manufacturing

While custom thermal pins have transformed the injection molding industry, other custom thermal solution designs have had similar effects on specific applications within other industries. For example, within food and beverage manufacturing facilities, thermal management is an essential part of producing foods that remain fresh until delivered to the customer. Processes such as pasteurization, storage, packaging, and shipping rely on highly precise thermal management, which many companies save on by employing custom-designed heat exchangers. For processes that require the application of heat, custom solutions can be designed to utilize electrical waste heat from other processes to help companies save further on energy costs.

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