Other Advantages of Modern Custom Thermal Solutions

Effectively cooling electrical control panels and other enclosures has always been a significant concern for companies, but over the last few decades, it’s been much less of a burden for most of them. That’s thanks largely to the advent of heat exchangers, which have significantly streamlined the processes of electrical cooling for most modern applications. The custom thermal solutions have helped nearly every industry sever its reliance on costly and cumbersome cooling solutions, such as air conditioners, while dramatically improving their electrical thermal management capabilities.

Significantly less costly electrical cooling

To consistently prevent electrical systems from overheating, cooling solutions often have to operate continuously, which amplifies the costs of their operations and maintenance. For example, the longer a company is up and running each day, the bigger the impact on those costs. Heat exchangers don’t require as much energy as air conditioners to operate because they don’t rely on the same energy-intensive processes. Instead of chilling air and forcefully circulating it through an electrical enclosure, heat exchangers transfer waste heat using natural, more eco-friendly forces, such as convection, conduction, and phase-change cooling. These methods use the natural difference in densities between heated and cooled fluids to facilitate more streamlined electrical cooling.

Equally efficient ambient and below-ambient cooling

Traditionally, heat exchangers have been designed as ambient cooling solutions, meaning they cool electrical enclosures to temperatures that are just above the ambient temperature outside of them. As they’ve advanced, however, custom heat exchangers have also been created to achieve below-ambient cooling for especially high-performance applications, operations in extremely hot environments, processes that require chilling (such as pasteurization), and much more. Below-ambient heat exchangers use the same principles as ambient units, though they utilize chilled cooling fluid to achieve target temperatures. This helps companies that require below-ambient thermal management to cut their reliance on more costly solutions, as well.

Safe and eco-friendly cooling in hazardous locations

In addition to achieving virtually any necessary enclosure temperature, modern heat exchangers can also be fortified, ruggedized, or completely custom-designed to operate successfully in hazardous locations. Their eco-friendly, internal heat transfer processes are housed within highly durable, tightly sealed units with especially high levels of ingress protection. The cooling units can also survive rougher than usual conditions without losing any of their efficiency and reliability. Their optimal safety and eco-friendly heat transfer methods can make hazardous location (HazLoc) heat exchangers ideal for industries that operate under the most demanding conditions.

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