A Brief Look at Molding with Thermal Pins

Thermal management has many more applications than just electrical, and in some industries, those applications directly impact a company’s output and performance. For example, in the molding industry, thermal management doesn’t just mean keeping equipment cool, but also harnessing heat and rapidly removing it from molds during the production process. Much like more conventional electrical thermal management, the molding process itself can also be made much more efficient with the help of modern heat exchanger technology. Known as thermal pins, specialized heat exchangers allow companies to more effectively, efficiently, and evenly remove heat from their molds to significantly improve the rate and quality of their output.

Thermal management concerns in molding

Creating an ideal mold is about much more than just the quality of the mold itself. Regardless of the material, the finished product depends largely on how fast heat is removed from the mold once it’s been set. Because this process repeats itself continuously, the solutions that companies utilize to accomplish that heat removal have to perform continuously without any drop in their efficiency. Heat exchangers are well-known for their ability to perform a wide variety of high-performance thermal management tasks, and that includes meeting the unique needs of modern molding processes.

The difference thermal pins make

Thermal pins are designed to give molding companies the ability to apply advanced heat transfer principles to high-performance molding equipment. Designed to fit most common molding apparatus, or as part of a completely new setup, thermal pins provide rapid heat removal capabilities on a consistent basis, all while using minimal energy and maintaining their optimal performance with minimal need for maintenance. To ensure the quality of a company’s output each and every time, thermal pins are also designed to be isothermal, which minimizes the risks of abnormalities in final products due to uneven heat removal.

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