What to Remember About Cooling Electrical Enclosures

In most applications, the threat of overheating equipment is a significant concern. Most forms of technology generate waste heat somehow, and in large-scale applications, controlling that heat is vital to maintaining operations. For example, if an electrical enclosure isn’t properly cooled, then the damage that excess waste heat can cause to the components inside of it could spell disaster for all of the systems that are attached to it. Fortunately, cooling electrical enclosures has become a much simpler and more streamlined process thanks to the benefits of advanced heat exchangers. 

Chilling the enclosure isn’t always necessary

One of the most important things for companies to remember is that keeping electrical enclosures properly cooled doesn’t always require chilling the air inside of them. This misconception has led to many companies relying on more cumbersome and expensive solutions, such as air conditioners and air compressors, when they don’t have to. Instead, heat exchangers can effectively cool enclosures by removing the waste heat from within them in a continuous loop. This keeps the temperature inside of the enclosure at just above the ambient temperature outside of it, which is typically much lower than an application’s maximum operating temperature.

The eco-friendly solution is usually best

In addition to preventing overheating more efficiently, heat exchangers offer a variety of other benefits when it comes to cooling electrical enclosures. For example, because they use less energy and can operate more efficiently, heat exchangers are generally more eco-friendly than more traditional solutions. This is important for several reason; consumers in most markets demand that companies employ greener processes, and many companies can face penalties for not taking strong enough measures. With the ability of heat exchangers to reduce a company’s reliance on energy and overall level of pollution, implementing the innovative thermal management solutions is a significant step in eco-friendliness.

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