A Few Common Industrial Thermal Management Concerns

Every industry comes with its own unique challenges for companies, but electrical thermal management is something all companies need to address. What those thermal management concerns are may vary from industry to industry, but there are certain needs that all companies share, regardless of their business model. In most of those applications, heat exchangers can provide companies with a highly efficient, eco-friendly, and inexpensive solution to addressing virtually all of their electrical thermal management needs.

Cooling electrical enclosures

In most forms of technology, electrical components are housed in enclosures to keep them compartmentalized and safe from contaminants. These enclosures also make it easy for the waste heat that electrical components generate to accumulate into pockets and cause serious damage to the components. To stop this damage, companies often utilize advanced heat exchangers that promote optimal thermal management with minimal energy and maximum reliability. Because heat exchangers come in all shapes and sizes, they can be utilized for most types of electrical enclosures.

Facilitating wastewater treatment

Cooling enclosures is one of the most common thermal management challenges, but these days, facilitating wastewater treatment is becoming almost as popular. The process involves treating wastewater with beneficial microbes, and then heating the water to promote their eradication of harmful substances. The sustained application of heat can become a significant energy cost, though that cost can be significantly mitigated by supplementing the heat with the help of modern heat exchangers.

Reducing energy reliance

Whether cooling electrical enclosures, facilitating wastewater treatment, or performing any other thermal management duties, heat exchangers provide one of the most important benefits for companies in all industries – the ability to reduce their reliance on energy. The way heat exchangers transfer heat involves processes such as phase-change cooling, conduction, and natural/forced convection. These processes require minimal amounts of energy, though they can continuously transfer large amounts of waste heat without losing any of their efficiency.

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