What Thermal Pins Do for the Molding Industry

In the molding industry, thermal management is about much more than just cooling electrical equipment and technology – it’s also the foundation of the entire production process. The speed at which companies can remove heat from their molds determines their rate of output. The efficiency and precision of that heat removal largely determines the quality of each finished mold. To optimize speed, efficiency, and precision, many companies turn to specialized heat exchangers known as thermal pins, which are designed to fit most injection and extrusion molding equipment.

How do thermal pins work?

The goal of any heat exchanger is to rapidly remove heat, though traditionally, that was in the form of waste heat generated by electrical components. To prevent electrical enclosures from overheating, heat exchangers simply have to keep the waste heat circulating away from the components. In molding applications, thermal pins are designed to be isothermal to ensure that heat is removed evenly and rapidly. That means molds are not only cooled faster, but are of a consistently higher quality with no abnormalities.

How do companies benefit?

The ability to shorten cycle times on higher quality molds offers several direct benefits to molding companies, including increased revenue and a reputation for quality products. However, because they’re based on efficient heat exchanger technology, thermal pins also offer several other significant benefits. For example, they require minimal energy usage and can operate continuously without losing any of their effectiveness. They can also be fitted to existing equipment so companies don’t need to overhaul their entire production line.

Other uses for heat exchanger tech

In addition to thermal pins, companies have also enjoyed such benefits thanks to the inclusion of heat exchangers in other applications. Cooling electrical control panels, enabling more efficient wastewater treatment, and more are often handled by appropriate heat exchangers that further lower companies’ costs and improve their overall efficiency.

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